Your art is so so awesome, can you draw more steve/bucky please?

Thank you so much! Yes, those two are kind of… consuming my life rn. I’ll definitely be posting much more Stucky soon

holy shit, all these new followers

thank you guys, i’ll do my best!

another sketch that got out of hand. i expect you’ll be seeing a lot more of this here so

i hope you’re ready for that


i can always tell when a ship is going to consume my life and this…

this is the start of it

i’ve been waiting for my best friend to not be busy so we can finish noiz’s path together…… it’s so hard

i think i need to draw out my Stucky feelings later. i can already tell this is going to get out of hand….

some anatomy sketches

This is a gift for the nicest rp partner and friend anyone could ask for ♥ ♥ 

Happy belated birthday, bakubunny !!

(very direct reference used for the scooter. i still managed to mess it up…..)

doing some prep sketches for a request for duelingdragon atm. i have never drawn someone with such ridiculous hair as jack’s in my entire life, so prepping was necessary, tbh

some MCR doodlin’ between requests. i should’ve drawn Ray. his hair is probably the most fun thing to draw

next time